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SharpenAir Airbrush Tool
SharpenAir Airbrush Needle Repair
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

SharpenAir airbrush needle repair tool is an innovative simple tool created by SharpenAir. Designed by an airbrush artist, this tool is marketed as suitable to maintain all airbrush brands excerpt Paasche and DeVilbiss Dagr airbrush brands.

If you have been airbrushing for long, it is almost inevitable that you will damage one or both of the two essential components of an airbrush - the needle, which in turn will damage the tip. SharpenAir is designed to revive your needle and thus save you money and time.

The part numbers for the products are
    SHA-NR SharpenAir Needle Repair System (Original)
    SHA-NR-PINK SharpenAir Needle Repair System (Pink)
    SHA-NR-LG SharpenAir Needle Repair System (Paasche)
    SHA-NR-P3000 SharpenAir 3000 Grit Polishing Pads (x2)
    SHA-NR-S600 600 Grit Stone for SharpenAir system
    SHA-NR-S1200 1200 Grit Stone for SharpenAir system

The Tool
A SharpenAir fits easily into one's hand. It is molded in high-impact black plastic (a pink version is available, too) with a pebbled texture. Three screws hold it together. The extended bill containing a quartet of needle maintenance ports looks warped but is not. That is the tiered design of the tool.

Inside the tool are honing stones of 600 and 1200 diamond dust grit. These are positioned to both straighten and clean the needle. The screws allow you to replace them or reposition them, as needed.

The set includes a 3000 Grit Polishing Pad.

While none are directly provided with the tool nor presented on the carton by SharpenAir, distributor have created a professional four-page full-color A4 format instruction booklet, which they provide with the tool. Otherwise the tool arrived with a sticker on it with the web address to SharpenAir for an instructional video. The video is less than two minutes long.

Use is very simple. Most needles need only the first two holes unless the needle is badly damaged. Then the other two slots are used.

Simply insert the needle and give it 10-15 twists per hole.

This SharpenAir fit comfortably in my hand. To use it, simply select your damaged needle. I revived my c.1977 Badger 200 by using the SharpenAir per the company web tutorial. It worked very well. My needle looks straight and clean.

SharpenAir is an interesting and useful tool. It looks good and I found it to be very easy and effective to use.

While there are no markings on the standard SharpenAir box or that tool which indicates whether it is the general purpose model, the boxes and tools are marked for the unique Paasche or DeVilbiss Dagr airbrush brands. Thanks to Lisa at and her excellent instruction sheet, people who lack an internet connection for whatever reason do have instructions for use; use of the tool is simple and intuitive.

There are two types of airbrushers - those who have damaged a needle, and those who will. This tool can save airbrushers time and expense in getting their paint spraying again. Recommended.
Highs: Very easy and effective to use.
Lows: No downside.
Verdict: A very easy and effective tool to use. This tool can save airbrushers time and expense in getting their paint spraying again.
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 12, 2018

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Ah Fred, you beat me to it! My son got me one for Father's Day and it has sorted two badly mangled needles already. (I have a bad habit of getting the tips jammed when trying to re-insert after cleaning...). Definitely a useful bit of kit!
JUL 12, 2018 - 08:32 AM

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