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Keep in mind you are looking at an ARCHIVE of our original site platform and network. You can find our new forums and links to our sites here: forums.kitmaker.net.

RailRoad Modeling, a new site in the KitMaker Network, is an interactive community site with over 76,070 registered users. KitMaker Network was launched in 2006, but was originally the general modeling section of Armorama, one of the biggest scale modeling sites on the Internet.

The plan is for this new site to become as much an online hub for railroad enthusiasts as Armorama has become for other military scale modeling projects. We can't do that without your help and interaction though. So please take a moment to look around, signup if you haven't already created an account on Armorama or the KitMaker Network. And if you have that login will work here just fine.

We are always interested in user contributions of photos, articles, reviews or anything you feel your fellow modelers might be interested in. In many ways this is YOUR site. It is not the work of one person or even a small handful. And that is the way we like it.

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RailRoad Modeling Staff

Fred's degree is in fine art with post-grad in commercial art/graphic design. After illustrating a couple of book covers and winning a logo competition he was bitten by the flying bug and became a professional pilot, earning an Airline Transport Pilot certificate. Although he no longer flies for a living, he is still employed in aviation. Fred has dabbled in most parts of the hobby over the years, including model railroading. He has stepped into 1:1 scale railroading, briefly firing a small steam locomotive through Doe River Gorge on the restored East Tennessee and Western North Carolina RR, then taking the throttle of a 1908 Baldwin 4-6-0 steam loco on the Nevada Northern Ry. While he craves building models, his current situation mainly limits him to reviewing and sharing his experience. Fred is a private person who is involved in his church and actively supports several missionaries around the world.

Tim's background is ceramics and he has a degree in ceramics. He has taught it in Secondary Schools and in Further Education. Before becoming a Lecturer he worked as a printer.. His primary and if he is honest only interest is in aircraft, although he would love to do a submarine or two some time. His favourite period of aviation is from WWII up to present time. He particularly enjoys the aircraft that were built during the change over from prop propulsion to jet during the late 40's and early 50's as well as the first, second and third generation jets. He is also interested in airliners and is hoping to get back into this side of modelling in the next few months. Favourite scale? 1/48 and 1/32.